I’m a geek. Have been forever. I’m a gamer. I love video games, especially online multiplayer shooters. Don’t get to play much, though, as my wife and two daughters take up much of my time.

I am also a beer enthusiast. I really enjoy trying different brands and styles. (I’m still rather partial to English styles, but I’ll try anything.)

Some of my other passions include:

  • The New York Giants
  • Rush
  • Movies
  • Books

Origin of ‘Wrathchild’

Years and years ago, I started getting into playing networked computer games, almost exclusively “shooters”. (Doom, et.al.) I needed a unique handle to identify myself. For years prior to that I’d used “Melkor” as my nom de guerre but I’d become disenchanted with it, and it wasn’t nearly as unique as I’d thought. (It came from my very first exposure to D&D, which is a story unto itself. Buy me a beer some time and I’ll tell you about it.)

Anyway, I wanted something not used by a lot of other people and which conveyed a sense of menace. Then I remembered a short, almost throw away song by Iron Maiden: “Wrathchild”. (Or, as it was misprinted on the CD jacket: “Wratchild”.) In the song, the protagonist is hunting someone to exact revenge, and won’t let anything stop him. Sounded appropriate for a shooter, so I picked it. I’ve been using it ever since.

Let me be clear:

  • It is from a song by Iron Maiden from their Killers album.
  • It is not an homage to the British glam-metal band of that name
  • Nor is it for the thrash metal band Wrathchild America from Baltimore, Maryland (who later renamed themselves to Souls at Zero)


  • There is only one ‘i’ in ‘Wrathchild’. I do not know why some people insist on calling me ‘Wraithchild’ or shortening it to ‘Wraith’, but it drives me up a wall.

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