Been gone too long – getting back into roleplaying games (part 3)

So, finally, no further complications cropped up and we were able to meet Wednesday last at a café in town.

I had three main objectives for the meeting: Make sure no one was too weird, to set up our schedule for play sessions, and discuss the kind of game we were looking for.

The first was easy. There was only one guy who I hadn’t already met, and it was quickly obvious that he fit in to the acceptable weirdness scale.

The third wasn’t too bad either. I suggested a semi-monthly schedule that everyone agreed with, although, predictably, we’ve already had to make adjustments.

The second actually took up the majority of our time but, in the end, was a bit anti-climactic. We’ve all been out of it so long (except for one of us, who has never been in it) that we didn’t have strong opinions about much of anything. I’ve been doing a lot of reading of RPG theory lately, and specifically social contracts, but I didn’t want to scare anybody away by going too crazy. We did agree on a few things (no player killing or thievery, no evil characters, limited meta-gaming at the table, lengthy rule discussions away from the table, and so on) but for the most part no one objected to anything I presented.

I did step up and offer to be the DM, even though I’m still learning the rules. Since we’re all learning the rules, it seems to fit, and I did a good bit of gamemastering when I was younger. (I’ll get my chance to play someday.) As such, I talked a bit about my DMing style and some of the things that I like to do. Not knowing this crowd, though, and not having done it in such a long time, I stuck to generalities.

So, when I left, everyone seemed enthusiastic if not exactly “gung-ho” and we had the date for our first session, where we would do our character creation.

Any doubts I may have had about anyone enthusiasm were pretty much erased the next day, when the guy who had the least experience among us offered up his choice of race and class and a backstory to go with it. Shortly thereafter came another character concept with backstory. I’ve got a good hook for the first; I’m still working on the second.

So I think we’re off to a pretty good start. Now, if we could just find a couple more players…


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2 thoughts on “Been gone too long – getting back into roleplaying games (part 3)”

  1. hey! im looking for a dnd group myself. been DMing for a while now without a break and none of my players are up to par. If you and your friends are starting a 4th ed campaign, i’d like to give it a shot or submit an interview or however you want to put it. :P we could play at my place if no others are available. i live in winchester. hit me back if you’re interested at all. thanks!

    1. We got a group going and have been playing fairly regularly. The group has been pretty stable and we’re currently at the supposedly ideal “5” PCs. We’re not opposed to adding another, however (too many sessions with one person missing). I’ll drop you a line to see if you’re still interested.

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