ColdFusion Developer interview questions

At my day job, we’re in the midst of looking for a ColdFusion developer. Since my manager is non-technical, at least insofar as ColdFusion goes, I was asked to help with technical questions to help winnow candidates.

There are two CF developers here at present, so we both sat down and came up with some questions that we thought would help. Some I gleaned from other sources, some I created out of whole cloth. Some are specific to CFML and some more focused on general development. Some don’t have pat answers, but are designed to get a glimpse at the thought processes of the interviewee.

Here are the ones I came up with, in no particular order. Use them if you like. If you find any that are useful, or have some suggestions of your own, drop me a line.

  • Describe the M-V-C design pattern
  • Have you used any development frameworks, ColdFusion or otherwise?
  • Why is scoping variables important?
  • Describe the different kinds of Joins (SQL)
  • How would you loop through URL and form variables?
  • When would you use CFSWITCH?
  • How do you test your code?
  • What do you look for when you review other people’s code?
  • What blogs/websites do you read to keep up with ColdFusion information/practices?
  • Explain SQL Injection and how to prevent it



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2 thoughts on “ColdFusion Developer interview questions”

  1. We haven’t yet moved to CF8, so didn’t think they were needed.

    Coincidentally enough, most of the candidates we interviewed barely had any MX experience, if any.

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