Speaking of bad customer service…

Imagine you have a piece of technology that you love. You love it so much that not only is it customized, it’s customized with the autographs of luminaries in its niche. It’s absolutely unique, and valuable beyond simple dollars and cents.

Imagine further that in spite of all your efforts, it must be repaired, and can only be repaired at a company repair center.

You’d jump through a lot of hoops to make sure you got back your customized item, wouldn’t you? You’d explain to the people you are sending it to, multiple times and in painful detail, that it’s precious and unique and that only the innards should be repaired.

The cynics among you are already certain that there is no way you’d get it back as you sent it.

If it was a Microsoft Xbox 360, you’d be right.

Hawty McBloggy: Another Gamer Screwed by Microsoft

Despite the fact that Nathaniel called beforehand and got assurances that everything would be ok, despite the fact that he included a very detailed and clear letter with his console, despite the fact that it was no fault of his own that his console broke in the first place, Nathaniel is just another gamer to get screwed over by Microsoft in a rather unique way.


While not part of the problem, the folks at Bungie have since showered Nathaniel with cool Halo swag.

Hawty McBloggy: Bungie Unscrews Previously Screwed Gamer


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