Kids are people too

I am a New York Giants fan, and I am really looking forward to seeing them play in the Super Bowl this Sunday.

However, I’m avoiding the hype. For one thing, I’m tired of hearing how the Giants are destined to lose. For another, I just don’t have the patience for it any more.

I catch snippets here and there. This blurb from an Associated Press story on Sam Madison and other Super Bowl items brought a tear to this old curmudgeon’s eye. (Parenthood is turning me into an old softie, I tell ya.)

The kid reporter got his story on media day at University of Phoenix Stadium. Eli Manning and Plaxico Burress made sure of that.

Nine-year-old Brock Domann of Colorado Springs, Colo., covering the Super Bowl for Scholastic News, was standing among a mass of reporters on Tuesday when Manning picked him out for a question.

“When you and Peyton Manning were kids and playing football, who was QB?” the youngster asked.

A grown-up reporter tried to butt in with another question, but Manning waved him off and pointed to young Brock. “No, him,” the Giants quarterback said.

Then Manning told the boy that when he played with Peyton and his older friends, he was “permanent center.” Big brother Peyton was the quarterback.

Brock moved on to Burress, asking the Giants receiver what advice he would give to a kid who wanted to play professional football. Burress listened, then brought the youngster onto the podium with him.

“You see all these people here?” Burress said, his arm around the boy’s shoulder. “You see all those seats? They’re all going to be filled Sunday. You see this podium with my name on it? I’m telling you, it’s the greatest feeling in the world. So my advice to you is, a lot of hard work.”

Brock is in Arizona with his 12-year-old sister Rylee and 10-year-old brother JoJo, who also worked media day for Scholastic News.

I’d like to know who that “grown-up reporter” was so he could be smacked upside the head.

Eli and Plaxico: Good on you


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