I happened across Fusioneers.com recently, which claims “The Fusioneers.com network of ColdFusion developers spans every corner of the globe.”

Cool, I thought. I like the idea of a directory of fellow CF developers, and not just for finding employment.

So, I started filling in the new account form. I was about to hit send when I noticed…

Everyone is listed with their e-mail address in clear text. No effort is made to disguise it at all.

In short, a spam harvester’s paradise.

I get enough spam, thanks.

So, I didn’t register. And won’t, until that’s fixed.

I suggest a simple form that forwards a message to the listee’s e-mail address. Then the recipient has the option of exposing their e-mail address to the prospective contact.


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2 thoughts on “Fusioneers.com”

  1. I gave up on the strategy of e-mail address secrecy a long time ago. After posting it on literally every page of my website in a mailto: link a few years ago, my spam has actually decreased to around 7-8 per day from a peak of several hundred a day just a few years ago.

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