Tags have arrived

“Web 2.0” is one of those buzzwords that everyone throws around without really knowing what it means. I suppose that’s the definition of a “buzzword”.

One thing that many, if not most, of these Web 2.0 user-content applications share is “tags”. Short snippets of text to tell what an item is about. For a long time, WordPress and WordPress.com treated categories like tags. That’s fine, except if you write about a lot of different things, and you want people to be able to find your posts when they touch on certain subjects, you’ve had to create a lot of categories. That’s not always so desirable. (It’s what has happened here; which I’ll be rectifying soon.)

As of today, WordPress.com has tags as well as categories. The upcoming WordPress 2.3, due out on Monday, also adds tags.

Of course, themes have to be modified to even show the tag links, and even the themes on WordPress.com haven’t all been changed.

Still, I’m glad the feature is finally here.


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