The Rodeo Song

My first exposure to this song was when it was performed by Rich Meyer. By the time I first saw him at a bar (two actually, that day) down the Jersey Shore, he’d already been playing to packed bars and entertaining drunk twentysomethings for 10 years. It looks like he’s still doing it.

I must have seen him at least 20 times all around New Jersey.

But then I got older, and stopped going. But boy, were those some good times.

The very first time was when we were down in Point Pleasant I think it was, celebrating Max’s 21st birthday. He was the last of our group to achieve that milestone. That afternoon we were at one of the bars on the boardwalk enjoying our Budweisers, and there was a Reggae band playing. They were fine, but at the bar next door, out on the pier, was a huge crowd having a really good time.

We were obviously in the wrong bar.

So we went over there and laughed our asses off. So much so, that we found out where he was playing in Seaside Heights that night and went there too. A good time was had by all.

This song is/was one of his staples.

The Rodeo Song (NSFW)


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