Trouble at Feedburner

FeedburnerI use Feedburner to manage my RSS feeds for this and my beer blog. It’s very helpful to know how many people are subscribed, what RSS reader they’re using, what they click-through to, and a bunch of other metrics.

However, logging in this morning I see that all of my feeds show 0 subscribers.

Now, I’m not conceited enough to think that it’s not possible for all of my subscribers to up and walk away. But at least one of those subscriptions is me, and I didn’t unsubscribe.

A quick glance at the Feedburner forums show that I’m not alone, at least. A possible glitch in a transfer of power to their Google overlords?

I am hopeful that they will fix it soon.

Update: Shortly after noon the issue appears resolved. I haven’t seen anything explaining the outage.


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