I got myself an invite to Pownce. What is it? I’ll let people better at that sort of thing explain it.

Pownce: Against All Odds, Pownce Blew Us Away [Mashable]

And it is this: on Pownce, you can send a message, or a file, or a song, or an event, to one person; or three of your friends; or only your family; or everyone. That’s right, you can engage in private conversations, you can speak to the world, you can have a group of close friends, and a group of associates, and a group of unknown people you just added to your profile, and you can choose when you want to send stuff to any of these groups. With this simple feature Pownce trounces all over Twitter, and comes close to being more useful than most IM clients.

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Pownce is a way to send stuff to your friends. Users can send music, photos, messages, links, events, and more via the Pownce web site or through lightweight desktop software (available for Windows and Mac environments; Linux coming soon.) Only the people you choose get to see what you sent.



Sending your ‘stuff’ is easy. It’s simple to add content and upload files. Uploading requires a bit of a wait, but most people are used to that. Easily the best feature is being able to make sets of contacts. Few social networks offer this functionality well, and Pownce is leagues ahead in this area. Pownce ‘sets’ are totally granular. You can have as many as you like, and your friends can be added to multiple sets. This offers lots of opportunity for targeting content at particular groups of people.



Anyway, I have three invites to give away. Drop me a line if you’d like one.


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