“Can I have spam instead of the baked beans, then?”

Comment spam is way over the top lately. I have been averaging well over 100 spams per day for the last several weeks on this blog alone.

I am thankful that WordPress.com uses the Akismet plug-in. Very, very few spam comments get past its algorithms, and even then that’s just because they’re new. If I re-run the check it almost always finds them on the second try. Of course, I also have moderation on so those very few that Akismet doesn’t get I do.

Akismet has caught 6,455 spam for you since you first installed it.

When I opened my self-hosted Hop Talk blog, the first thing I did after installing the WordPress software was to install and activate Akismet. I’m glad I did.

I don’t believe in Hell, but if I did, I’m sure there would be a circle reserved just for spammers.

While I was writing this, another spam message came in. Unbelievable. Hey, “SomegifttoME”! Bite me!


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