NFL Playoff intrigue is plentiful

This is one of my favorite times of the year. There are three weeks to go in the season, and the air is full of all of the possible permutations of the playoff bracket. “If this team wins the next two, and this other team loses one, then this team gets into the playoffs. But if they lose one, and this other team loses, they need this third team to also lose.”

Some of the scenarios get pretty ridiculous. I guess that’s why “win and you’re in” is so refreshing.

The Giants, of course, need to win. The Eagles are also 7-6, somewhat surprisingly. If they have any prayer of winning the NFC East they also need the Cowboys to lose. To be honest, though, it looks like a Wild Card berth is more likely. Not ideal, but I’ll take it.

Of course, except for the Bears and the Saints, nobody in the NFC wants to lock up a spot in the playoffs. Witness last night’s loss by the Seahawks to the 49ers. Granted, it would take a miracle at this point for Seattle to not win the NFC West. Still, a division champ with a 9-7 record? Pitiful. The AFC champ is going to roll over the NFC champ.

Speaking of the AFC, what the hell is wrong with the Colts? Yeah, yeah: No defense. But isn’t that the whole reason they hired Dungy? If they don’t right that ship soon, they’re going to be eliminated in the first round. Even so, I’m re-thinking my prediction that they’ll win the Super Bowl this year.

If the Giants can make it, I’m now hoping for a Chargers/Saints Super Bowl. Sean Payton has done a great job with the Saints and they, and the city of New Orleans, are certainly very deserving. LaDanian Tomlinson, though, is just frickin’ awesome. He’s a monster. I don’t see how anyone stops him. Further, he’s extraordinarily humble and down-to-earth, personality traits that are very refreshing nowadays. He’s quickly become one of my favorite players. (I can’t call him “LT”, though. Those initials will always belong to Lawrence Taylor.)

This is the best time of the year. I can’t wait to see what happens on Sunday. Who’s gonna get in? Who’s gonna be out? This is why I’m a fan.


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