Annoy someone else’s neighbors: Control holiday decorations via the web

Controllable Christmas decorationsThat kookie Hulkster, you know, that guy from Colorado, is at it again. This guy’s got some Christmas spirit.

He’s got a display of over 20,000 15,000 lights as well as inflatable characters (Elmo, Frosty, and Homer Simpson). He’s set up three webcams in order to view the decorations (or watch him work at his desk).

Not only that, but get this: He has a web page set up to allow people (read: you) to control the display.

You can even type in a text message and have it displayed on a laptop facing one of the cameras.

The site itself is delightfully kitschy. It certainly hearkens back to the days when the web was new. (Or, if you prefer, what some of the better MySpace pages look like.)

The guy’s a kook, I tell you. His neighbors must love him. (To be fair, he does limit access to the controls between 5PM and 10PM Mountain Standard Time (GMT-7, or 7-12 EST).) If you miss it, you can watch time-lapse videos from previous nights as well as the setup.

While you’re there, you might consider donating to celiac disease research. (Celiac is an autoimmune disorder that both his boys have.) This is the same guy who is also trying to win the carcasherdotcom seocontest to raise money.

Tell him Wrathchild sent you.


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3 thoughts on “Annoy someone else’s neighbors: Control holiday decorations via the web”

  1. Well, anyone who would string up 20K lights and a bunch of inflatable figures is already kooky enough in my book. Letting people on the intertubes control them is just over the top.

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