So I’ve had this book of Sudoku puzzles for about a year, I guess. There were 100 grids in it, rated in difficulty from “Easy” to “Fiendish”. My Sudoku addiction had eased for the last few months (mostly because I was sleeping on the train instead of doing Sudoku), so my rate of solving slowed to a crawl.

The other day I completed puzzle 100. The book is done.

I feel a little empty. What should I do? I could erase all the puzzles and do them again. Of course, I have another book that I haven’t even started that’s sitting idle. I guess I should do that one next.

But, does that mean I should throw this one away?

That seems so wasteful.

But, if I keep it, what good is it doing me? It’s just taking up space.

Do you keep your old puzzle books?


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3 thoughts on “Finished!”

  1. My neighbor next door has a drum he turned into fire barrel in his yard, and told me when I want to burn some of my yard waste and old papers to just “haul it over the fence.”

    I love Baltimore County.

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