What’s wrong with the Giants?

So I’m sitting here watching the Giants stink it up against the Eagles. What the heck is going on?

Here’s how frustrated I am: I actually went outside and cut my grass during the game.

Offensive line can’t do anything. Defensive line is not getting a rush on McNabb. Defensive secondary can’t cover anyone. And any time they get something good going a penalty sets them back.

Even last week, while they had a respectable offensive showing against the Colts, arguably the best team in the league, penalties killed them.

How is a team with this much talent, picked by many to win the NFC East, widely held to be the toughest division in the league, doing this badly?

More frustrating: I moved out of the NYC metro area. I can’t always get to see my Giants. Today I can, and they’re playing like this.

How is a team, couched by Tom Coughlin, supposedly one of the strictest disciplinarians in the game, making so many mental mistakes? False starts at home. Poor clock management.

With this schedule they can’t afford to start 0-2.

I think I’ll go find a brick wall to slam my head into.

Update: I guess self-injury is the key. An amazing come from behind overtime victory. It’s like washing your car to make it rain.


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