T-minus four days, and counting

The NFL season kicks off Thursday night, September 7, with Miami visiting the Super Bowl Champion Steelers.

I’ve caught a pre-season game or three and can’t wait for the real games to start. Of course, living down in the DC Metro area and not having a satellite dish, I didn’t really get to watch too much of the Giants’ pre-season. Still, I kept up with it as much as I could. Not to jinx them or anything, but the last time the Giants went undefeated in the pre-season was 1990, when they won the Super Bowl.

Other thoughts from the pre-season:

  • The success enjoyed by the Bengals last year was no fluke. They are the real deal. As long as they are not decimated by injuries they will go deep into the playoffs.
  • The Steelers still look strong, but not strong enough. They will not repeat. Bank it.
  • A lot of people are talking about the NFC East being the strongest division in the league, and certainly the National Conference. There was also a lot of talk about the Redskins being the best of the four teams. I watched their starters in most of their pre-season games, and I don’t buy it. They looked awful. The reserves certainly didn’t look good at all. It seems to me that what they’ve done is thrown a lot of money at a bunch of players with no regard to how they’ll work together. The other stuff I saw just smacks of poor coaching. Look for the Redskins to underachieve this year.
  • The Colts look outstanding again, although it looks like the defense isn’t as good as last year. Still, they’re my pick to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl.

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4 thoughts on “T-minus four days, and counting”

  1. The local upstate NY papers have the Giants predicted to win the division, Dallas second. Or, Giants and Eagles for the top, then Dallas. All have Redskins at the bottom. All argee a strong division. I guess it depends on where you live.

  2. get used to hearing “Hail to the Redskins” over and over and over and over … oh and ignore anything they say about the team… they’re pretty much have blinders when it comes to their team in the DC area – what do you expect from politicians? they’re all out of touch with reality

  3. I’ve noticed that about ‘Skins fans around here. Are people from the NYC metro area that much more cynical? I mean, I think Big Blue has a great team this year, but it’s not without its weaknesses (DT for instance). Down here near DC all of the Redskins fans are talking Super Bowl like it’s a done deal.

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