Moral: Don’t tick off the tech support team for your giant robot

Being from New Jersey, a geek, and a science fiction fan, this item from Wired News caught my eye:

Giant Robot Imprisons Parked Cars

There is a parking garage in Hoboken, New Jersey, that uses a computerized system of lifts and has eliminated the needs for ramps and driving lanes. Each station can accommodate 40 cars per hour.

Recently, due to a dispute, officials escorted the tech support team off the site.

Just before the contract was set to expire.

So the whole system shut down, and anyone who had a car in there couldn’t get it out.

Both parties ended up in court, of course, since this is New Jersey we’re talking about. A deal has since been hammered out for three more years. Anybody taking bets on how long the cars will be trapped in there in 2009?


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