One of the more popular blog editing tools is w.bloggar. It has a lot of nice features and understands an unbelievably large number of blog software interfaces.

Some of those features include “custom tags”, a set of 12 tags tied to a hotkey combination (e.g., CTRL+F1) that allows you to pre-define bits of text. If there are items that you often seem to add to your posts (links to send an article to digg.com, code to insert advertising, etc.) this is a very useful feature. There is a spell-check and the ability to upload and insert images and other files. You can’t change the date/time on your posts, but you can post them as “Drafts” instead of publishing them right away.

Unfortunately, there are a couple of issues that are going to prevent it from being my editor of choice for off-line editing. Firstly, it is not a WYSIWYG editor. This isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker, as I work with HTML tags all of the time and am comfortable enough using them, but among the tools I’ve tried so far (as well as those I’m looking at trying next) it’s the only one that is not WYSIWYG. There is a preview function, of course. What really looks like it will keep this tool from making the final list is that an awful lot of functionality just plain doesn’t work if you’re not connected to the net. Changing the account you’re writing a post for, for instance, requires you to be on-line. As does viewing templates, which is a nice feature for those sites, like Blogger, that allow you to edit your template file. Of course, the help system requires you to be on-line as well.

If I were looking for a tool to help me manage multiple blogs but would always be online, this one would probably make the list. There’s too much that just isn’t possible without being on-line to do it, which is really what I’m after.

Update: It seems that the wbloggar.com site is down for not paying for hosting.


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3 thoughts on “w.bloggar”

  1. I just discovered that w.bloggar’s site is down, too. unfortunately the author’s email is at the wbloggar domain, otherwise I’d try to contact him. Shame!

  2. Yes, still down. Too bad, I think it is a great product. Most of the authors other sites are down, outdated or gone as well. Would be happy to help him out with webspace if we could find him.

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