Performancing for Firefox

A recent Lifehacker article discussed a number of universal blog editors. The clear reader’s choice was Performancing for Firefox.

Performancing for Firefox is a Firefox extension. A small icon sits in your status bar that, when clicked opens the application, which takes up half of the browser window. It has most of your standard features: WYSIWYG editing, insertion of Technorati and tags, drag-and-drop. No spell-check, though. It can talk to the most popular blogging applications and can be configured for many custom blog applications.

I hesitated to even try it out because it only works in the context of a browser, and I want to be able to work off-line. To be sure there are some issues working when not connected. Many of the tools (viewing your bookmarks or a blog’s Technorati baseball card, for instance, not to mention the web-based help) just plain don’t work when off-line. Worse, there’s not a genuine way to save posts. You can save “notes”, which is just more or less the same thing, but they’re not tied to any blog.

If you blog a lot while surfing on the web and are a Firefox user, then this is possibly the tool for you. If not…well, I guess you should look at something else.


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