Qumana – first impressions

(Damn, but this is a bumpy train ride today.)

Hello! As I mentioned I’m trying out some tools that allow me to blog off-line. Right now I’m testing Qumana, a Java-based blog editor.

Some of the features I didn’t mention yesterday:

  • The “Date Created” field is not editable, but includes a “Choose Date” button which brings up your typical calendar date picker and a “Now” button to insert, well, the current date and time.
  • Drop Pad – After launching Qumana, a small square with the Qumana symbol is presented on your desktop. You can right-click on it and access the basic menu options of the application. You can also drop files on it then, after double-clicking, brings up an empty post edit window and allows you to paste those items in. The Drop Pad stays open even if you close all of the Qumana windows.

I’ve also found a few quirks that I don’t like so much:

  • The “spell-check while typing” feature is nice, as it puts a red squiggly line under words it thinks are incorrect. The trouble is that it checks after every character. What it should do is check after a word-separator (space, carriage return, all punctuation except the hyphen, etc.). Also, you can right-click on an underlined word and get a list of suggestions for the correct spelling, but there is no way from that menu to add a word to the custom dictionary. That feature is reserved for the spell-check scan, which is itself awfully slow.
  • The help system for the application is web-based. Not great when you are truly using it off-line.
  • There is no way to change the default font used by the application. I don’t want to muck with fonts because the style sheets for my blogs are just the way I like them and I don’t want to override that. But the default font for the application is Times New Roman, and I just don’t like serif fonts.
  • A nice feature is when you set up a blog in Qumana it retrieves recent posts from that blog. Good for those bloggers who can’t stand to leave even the most minor error in a post. I don’t know what method it uses to get the posts but, unfortunately, it seems to lose all of the paragraph tags, as well as some other formatting tags when it does so. I have to be very careful if I use this to edit a post that I published the more traditional way.
  • It’s not truly xhtml compliant. Its little tagline (below) uses the <small> tag rather than a style attribute.
  • In order for it to be set up for your blog(s), you have to be online at the time. Not too big a deal, but don’t try setting it up without connecting.

I’ll probably play with a bit more before trying another. For the most part my experience is positive.

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