It’s hot

Foxtrot ©2006 Bill Amend
©2006 Bill Amend

Dang, it’s been hot around here lately. It looks to be hot again today, and they’re forecasting temperatures around the century mark for the next three days. The forecast high temperature for Friday is “only” 87° Farenheit.

Summer is not my favorite season. If it weren’t for the skimpier clothes I’d rather bypass it altogether.


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3 thoughts on “It’s hot”

  1. You don’t know what hot is. Both Dana and I have had cans of soda explode in our cars from the heat down here. (We solved that by giving up soda) I also had a bike tire explode because I left it in the cab of my truck one hot August day. I had one of those electronic temperature probes used for cooking/grilling sitting in my truck one day I went out for lunch. It said it was 133 degrees in there.

    Luckily, the heat is too hot for the bugs. The mosquitos come out when the sun goes down.

  2. The forecast for the next three days is 100+ each day. I don’t care who you are, that’s hot.

    There are reasons I don’t live in Florida, and heat like this is one.

  3. He he he. Yeah, I just looked up your weather. That sucks. I think the part that was the worst was the part that said 100% humidity. We are currently about 6 degrees cooler but that is because it’s raining and it’s 10 at night. Since we are in hurricane season we often get an afternoon rain to cool things off and wash the car. The temp gauge in my truck has read 80 by the time I hit work around 8 am every day for the last week. That’s not uncommon. At least every person/place/business I know here has AC. You can always cool off. Unlike up North, the power grid here can handle everyone using the AC at once. In case of an overload, they give people discounts to have power management boxes in their house to cycle the AC and water heater on and off during extra high usage times to prevent brownouts/blackouts. I personally don’t have one due to that one time many years ago when they turned off my water heater for longer then the prescibed time. (They claim no longer then five hours for a water heater) I had run a couple loads of dishes not knowing it was off. The next morning, it was still off and my only option was a cold shower or no shower. A Florida cold shower isn’t as bad as a cold shower up North. The water is never really cold here. If you want a glass of cold water, the tap is not where you will find it here.

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