Has copyright gone too far, or are people being too broad in trying to apply it?

Yesterday I mentioned a little JavaScript port of much-ported game, Lemmings™.

It seems that since then the author has been asked to take the site down and has been threatened with legal action.

You can read the what happened on the author’s site. Apparently, the Dutch anti-piracy police told him to take it down. He has since done some research, given more details, and is trying to find a way to get permission from the copyright holder, whichever corporate entity that happens to be.

I think this is a little much. I mean, it’s an old game. It’s been ported to who-knows-how-many different platforms. Frankly, I think that not only was this a great proof-of-concept that a real video game could be created using JavaScript, but it was great publicity for the game and its sequels. I’d actually been thinking of buying a copy for my laptop, but now I certainly will not.


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