Socks? Sandals? WTF?

I don’t wear sandals. I don’t like them. In the warm summer months I prefer deck shoes, if I have to wear shoes, or being barefoot. It’s fine for other men to wear sandals, but they’re just not for me. I get that they’re airy and comfortable and the next best thing to being barefoot. I just can’t bring myself to do it.

Sandals with Socks.What I don’t get, though, are those guys who wear sandals and socks. Huh? Isn’t the point of wearing sandals that your feet are exposed to the fresh air? Don’t socks kinda defeat that purpose? If it’s too cold for bare skin, why the heck are you wearing sandals?

Now, in some workplaces, sandals are allowed footwear and sneakers aren’t (which is just another kind of stoopid), which could partially explain some of this, but I see plenty of guys with socks and sandals outside of any sort of work setting; they apparently did it of their own free will.

I just really, really, don’t get it.


It seems I’m not alone in my confusion, and that it is an epidemic worse than I thought. Check out

Update 2:


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9 thoughts on “Socks? Sandals? WTF?”

  1. I wear socks with my sandals because my feet sweat and if I don’t wear socks, I’ll have mud collected between my toes at the end of the day.

    I also think it’s cool to break one of the cardinal rules of men’s fashion.

  2. It is certainly within your right to do so. Far be it from me to tell people what to do with their lives.

    I still think it makes you look like an idiot, though.

  3. Hey, when you ‘mature’ you learn that you can do whatever you want. And I want to wear socks and sandals. In fact all the members of our club wear them to our meetings. Check us out

  4. Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should.

    But, that’s the great thing about a free society. You’re free to wear socks with your sandals, and I’m free to think that you look like an ass.

    What absolutely kills me is the guys who think it’s appropriate to wear in a professional business setting.

  5. Sandals are great to free your toes from shoe prison (the next best thing than barefoot). I wear socks with them to avoid dirt, sweat, friction, and because at work and at some “serious” places people feel it’s overfamiliar to show my unpedicured, coarse male feet.

    1. these are the main reasons i wear flip flops with socks. If I’m inside my own house (currently a college dorm), wearing your outside shoes doesnt feel relaxing enough and is also a good way to track dirt. So i just slip on my adddas flip flops for a comfortable, fit. Sometimes with out the socks my feet will get cold and also i must say that despite good hygiene my feet arent the first thing i want on display. Plus as an athlete this is not uncommon at all especially after a practice. However i dont go out in sandals in socks.

      1. Well, certainly what you do in your own domicile is your own business. I often wear stuff at home I would never wear in public. But then that’s the point, isn’t it?

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