GamerDad vs. the Clinton Media Guide

I’m a little late in posting about this, but I’m trying to catch up on some reading.

Senator Hillary Clinton recently published a “Media Guide” (PDF) to help parents keep their children safe in regard to the internets, television, and video games.

The editors at GamerDad have posted a three-part rebuttal (part I, part II, part III) that details what the Senator got right and where she is wildly wrong. (Well, where her staff got it wrong. I doubt that she actually wrote any of this.) They also go into more depth and touch on topics completely missed.

The GamerDad site has been around since 2003. It is comprised of gamers who, like me, have kids of their own. They focus on providing information to parents on games for their kids, correct mass media misperceptions of video games, and encourage parents to play games with their kids.

Some good advice and information there, in my opinion. Of course, none of it was really new to me, as I am a gamer, am active on the internets, and actively participate in my children’s lives. Of course, they’re still a little young for social networking and mainstream video games (six and three respectively), but I am looking to give my oldest some limited internet access. (There’s about half-a-dozen sites I can name off the top of my head that it would be okay for her to go to.)

Are you a parent? How do you manage your kids consumption of the web, video games, and television?


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One thought on “GamerDad vs. the Clinton Media Guide”

  1. One 1/2 hour of “screen time” a day. That includes watching TV, movies and video games. There are exceptions which usually involve parental interaction, like watching the World Cup w/Dad, watching the Star Wars movies w/Dad, or playing Trackmania against Dad. Certain chores that are above and beyond can earn an extra 1/2 hour.

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