How to be the Pointy-Haired Boss

I’m a geek. I’ll admit it openly and proudly. I’m a sucker for technology. I don’t have any tape on my glasses, but I am working on a dual flat-panel displays and have my Sony VAIO, Palm PDA, and iPod Nano near-to-hand.

Not everyone understands geeks. Especially managers.

Positive Sharing offer a guide how not to be a geek-friendly manager.

The ten pointers for how Not to Lead Geeks are:

  1. Downplay training
  2. Give no recognition
  3. Plan too much overtime
  4. Use management-speak
  5. Try to be smarter than the geeks
  6. Act inconsistent
  7. Ignore the geeks
  8. Make decisions without consulting them
  9. Don’t give them tools
  10. Forget that geeks are creative workers

Aside from some grammatical issues (it should be “Act inconsistently” – sorry for being a grammar geek) these seem about right to me. Fortunately, the day-job avoids most of those. Previous jobs, however, were not quite so nice.


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