Progress Quest

Do you tend to ignore the richly crafted 3D environments of your current MMO in order to level up just as quickly as you can? Do you lament the level treadmill because you need to tediously click this, drag that? Do you wish there was a game where you could reach the top of the ranking ladder without actually interacting with any of those lame role-players?

Well, then, Progress Quest is for you.

Progress QuestUsing a simple interface, the "game" doesn't saddle you with unneeded 3D environments. Nor does it saddle you with any of that icky "role-playing" stuff (the backstory is completely peripheral to the game). In fact, once you start the game client up you don't need to interact with it at all. You can go do something more interesting while you climb the Progress Quest rankings.

Each server (there are four) has a "Hall of Fame" for those who care about such things. There's even something of a Guild system. It's pretty rudimentary, but you can actually be in multiple Guilds! Now there's a feature most MMOs don't have. 


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