World Cup Fever. Are you immunized?

My buddy Rampage laments the lack of enthusiasm most Americans show toward what is arguably the best international sports tournament: The World Cup. Best, that is, in inflaming the passion of its fans.

I say, however, that American enthusiasm for the World Cup is better now than it was when we hosted the thing. I’m seeing World Cup articles on the front pages of the Washington Post and USA Today, as well as on their web sites. Google‘s got a whole slew of gadgets for your personalized Google page. Around my office, it’s the water cooler topic of choice.

It’s almost enough to make me want to try to follow it. Almost, but not quite. I’ve never been a fan of soccer. There just seems something un-American about not being allowed to use your hands. Of course, my six-year-old is interested in playing soccer now, so that might have to change.

Anyway, less than two months until NFL training camps open.


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One thought on “World Cup Fever. Are you immunized?”

  1. Well actually you do use your hands. Other then the goalie of course, you also have the occasional throw in, which isn’t just putting the ball in play.

    Additionally, a good chunk of the game like many other sports happen away from the ball. And let me tell you, hands, albeit not on the ball itself, are used quite plentifully… and you know I have the scars to prove it.

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