Defining America Down

I have never been a fan of our current Administration. This feeling has only degraded over the years until I can barely console myself that at least he can’t run again.

I feel that our President and his cronies have sullied America’s reputation in the world. Many saw that we were justified into going into Afghanistan, but instead of concentrating our efforts there, making sure a true democracy could take hold and the Taliban further marginalized, our Administration tricked us into an unnecessary war that has done nothing to bring peace or stability to the region. Not to mention all of the backtracking on environmental issues and basic civil liberties.

But I’m not a political person and this isn’t a political blog. Like many, I didn’t pay much attention to politics or our elected leaders much as a youth, but now that I’m older, I have kids, and I can see how my government affects my life, I pay much more attention.

Someone more eloquent than me summed it up pretty well: Unclaimed Territory: Defining America Down


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2 thoughts on “Defining America Down”

  1. I was a fan of this administration in the beginning, especially after the Clinton/Gore administration left me with a feeling of “do nothings” in office. Bush came in and was immediately faced with a crisis and he took action.

    However, over the years, and with family members over seas, and watching what is happening over there, and here at home, I’ve become more and more disappointed.

    The question I keep asking myself is… is it the party, or the person, who is not doing us good?

  2. I never was a fan of the Bush Administration. I thought that it was too coveniant that both the P and VP were ‘Oil Men’ and we found that our gas price dramatically rose during their stay while the oil companies are collecting record profits.

    Just one of many reasons we need a leadership change… I could write more, but I won’t.

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