Want a healthy prostate? Maybe you should drink beer.

Researchers at Oregon State University recently published a study showing that a compound called xanthohumal inhibited a specific protein in surface cells of the prostate gland. This protein is implicated in a variety of malignancies.

Xanthohumal is a flavinoid found in hops.

Unfortunately, you would have to drink 17 beers in order to get the same amount of the compound found effective in the study. I’m sure you can imagine the other health problems awaiting you by drinking 17 beers daily.

At least it can’t hurt. Not only that, but those enterprising Germans have developed a beer that contains 10 times the xanthohumol found in your usual lager. Meaning you’d only have to quaff a pair to get the xanthohumol you want. And, of course, we all know that a dark beer or two daily is good for your heart. It’s only available in Germany so far, though.

Further studies are needed.

Update: This news item reached WTOP in Washington, DC, which was in turn Farked.


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