carcasherdotcom-seocontest – Raising money for Charity

As I’ve mentioned previously, I think that most an awful lot of people in the Search Engine Optimization “industry” are lowlifes*, spending an inordinate amount of energy to game the systems used by the big search engines, so that their less-than-useful pages rank high in popular searches in order to rake in ad revenue.

But, as with anything, there are a few exceptions. (The exception proves the rule, of course.)

One such is “Hulkster”, a hobbyist who is using his site to enter these various SEO contests in order to raise money for charity. Specifically, the University of Maryland Center for Celiac Research. I posted about his efforts in the last contest, where he ended up raising over $5000 for the Center. (It’s rather convoluted how it worked out. You should read his “V7ndotcom Elursebmem for Celiac Charity” page for more details. It’s an interesting look at SEO from someone who isn’t in it for his livelihood.)

In any event, there is another SEO event going on. The rules are slightly different, but Hulkster’s goal is the same: Raise money for Celiac Research. He has created a new page: carcasherdotcom seocontest. As before, he is looking for people to link to his page. In exchange, PR5 and higher sites get a permanent backlink from him, and he’s auctioning off some of the prizes.

If you have a site, please consider linking to his page. Links are pretty painless, and it’s all for a good cause.

* You know the ones: Splogs, comment spam, “made for AdSense” sites, and so on. Are there honest SEO “professionals” out there? I suppose so, but their black-hat brethren are making them look bad.


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8 thoughts on “carcasherdotcom-seocontest – Raising money for Charity”

  1. Well all that i can say is pretty biased when u say – “the Search Engine Optimization “industry” are lowlifes” – Personally have met some amazing people and well i myself am into the race, maybe a newbie but i have high regards for some people in the industry and well bill gates just donated a large sum of his money to charity

  2. Ummm…how is Bill Gates in the Search Engine Optimization business?

    As an editor of the Open Directory Project, I’ve seen first-hand the type of underhanded tricks that SEO “experts” resort to in order to game search engines. And I did say “most” and that there were exceptions.

    Did you really have something to add, or were you just looking for some googlejuice for your link? (Which, of course, you won’t get, because of the “nofollow” in the rel attribute.)

  3. lol… that was funny…
    Who does not know of the “NOFOLLOW”, i though that was a pre installed mod.(how dumb of me)

    Like they say, people hate what they dont understand..

    p.s.Bill gates is making money off the search

    Just met another bragging to be an editor of ODP, heard a lot about how power has corrupted “MOST”.

  4. Uh…obviously Microsoft is making money off of MSN search, or at least trying to. I was talking about SEO. Bill Gates doesn’t do SEO.

    I also note that you’re bad-mouthing me in some SEO forums. Classy.

    Go troll elsewhere, thanks.

  5. “Go troll elsewhere”

    So calling “most SEOs” lowlifes isn’t trolling, or indeed implying that most SEOs are involved in making ‘made for Adsense’ sites? Or is this blog too small for two trolls?

    “I also note that you’re bad-mouthing me in some SEO forums.”
    – And why not? You’re bad-mouthing most SEOs in this blog?

    By the way, it’s ‘coeliac’. And you’re right, Hulkster is a cool dude for doing what he does.

  6. hey GD, you just got yourself a fan…

    Just the words i wanted to say but was missing…;-)

    p.s.Hey “Wrathchild”, be happy i just got u more traffic and a couple of DIRECT links (google juice) to your blog

    i guess u just hate people expressing their opinion on you blog

  7. “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.” — Queen Gertrude, Hamlet, Act III, scene 2

    I’ll clarify. The “low-lifes” of which I speak are the ones who create hundreds of spam blogs; hundreds and even thousands of contentless sites; the ones who leave comment spam in blogs (like the hundreds I’ve had here in the few months the blog has been running); the ones who sign up for discussion forums because one can have a website link in the user profile, but have no interest at all in participating in the user community; the ones who hijack recently expired domains to replace the content with their own drek and to take advantage of links that were made to the old site; the ones who use text the same color as the page background (not as effective anymore) or the new technique of using hidden div’s; the ones who heap vitriol on the volunteers of the ODP (note: not OPD) because they don’t bow to their demands to help, essentially, defraud the common surfer.

    If you’re not one of those, then you’re not included in my comments. I’ll even update the post to say as much.

    Besides, I did say there were exceptions, didn’t I?
    You also didn’t ask who else I consider a lowlife. Politicians, certainly, although there are probably a few honest ones somewhere. People who park in handicapped spaces who aren’t handicapped at all. Your garden variety used car salesman and others like him. (Lots of them in electronics, apparently.) I’m sure there’s a few others.

    > So calling “most SEOs” lowlifes isn’t trolling

    If I’d said it on an SEO forum or blog, it would. But I said it here on my own little blog where I express my opinion and make observations, read by people who care about what I have to say.

    > most SEOs are involved in making ‘made for Adsense’ sites?

    They don’t? If the ones that do are in the minority, they’re awfully prolific.

    > By the way, it’s ‘coeliac’.

    Since WebMD, the University of Maryland Center for Celiac Research, and Hulkster all spell it “Celiac”, that’s the spelling I chose.

    > i guess u just hate people expressing their opinion on you blog

    If I hated it so much, why didn’t I delete it?

    > be happy i just got u more traffic and a couple of DIRECT links (google juice) to your blog

    Yeah! That’ll really help me with my AdSense page views! Oh wait, I forgot…

    Anyway, my post was to help the rankings of Hulkster’s site. If this little love-fest helps in that regard, that’s great.

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