The dead time

The trees are green. Flowers are blooming all over. The days are warmer and longer. New life abounds in the world.

In other words: The dead time.

After the Super Bowl, I enter a period of pseudo-hibernation. (No, I don't watch the Pro Bowl. Do you? Why?) I sleepily check on the occasional free agent signing during February and March, I awake briefly for the draft in April, and doze through the June minicamps. It's not until the end of July and training camps start opening in earnest that I fully wake.

I don't follow any other sports. Sure, I'll take in the occasional NHL game (though not this year), really don't like to watch the NBA, and Major League Baseball is poisoned. I don't follow college sports. NASCAR is okay, although I really prefer dirt-track racing. (It's not a race if your hot dog isn't gritty.)

So, that quiet period between NFL seasons finds me lost and adrift. There is no game from last week to analyze. No point spreads coming up to consider. Not even waiver-wire transactions to opine about.

The Giants were quite active in free agency this year, what with all those high-profile signings for defensive secondary and, of course, LaVar Arrington. If they can get all those pieces working together that's going to be some defense.

What a contrast to years past. I remember the old days before the salary cap when George Young was General Manager. He was a genius, assuredly, but before unrestricted free agency you could afford to build via the draft, spend time and money to develop talent, and eschew trades. I think an inability to adjust from that way of thinking hurt the Giants in the 1990s. (Admittedly, teams that seemed to "adjust" quickly to the salary cap seemed to be the ones who got in trouble in later years because of it.) I personally can't remember an offseason where the Giants were so active, leastways not in addressing obvious needs.

So I'm really anxious to get to training camp. I want to see how these new acquisitions are working together. But I have to wait. And wait. Over two more months before any meaningful NFL news.

The dead time.


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