Save the Internet

“Whenever you see people on the far left and the far right getting together [to oppose the same bill],” said Craig Fields, director of InterNet operations for conservative gun advocacy group Gun Owners of America, it’s a good indication that, “what Congress is getting ready to do is un-American.”

Save the Internet - click here What Congress is getting ready to do, at the behest of large telecom companies like AT&T and Verizon, is to gut the First Amendment of the Internet: Network Neutrality.

The Internet, specifically the World Wide Web, works because all information, all packets, are treated equally.

Imagine if Yahoo! could pay AT&T to have its packets served faster than Google’s. Imagine if banks signed an exclusive deal with Verizon, effectively locking people out of the online banking services of Credit Unions.

This is the type of freedom that is at risk. At best, we’re looking at a serious curtailing of consumer choice.

You can help. Sign the Petition. Call your Congressmen. You do not want this to happen.


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2 thoughts on “Save the Internet”

  1. Yeah this thing is being silently fought over at the moment. From my experience the only thing that will get the mainstream citizens to really care about an issue is if their brainwashed minds see it on Fox News and other major media networks. I mean take a look at Dafur, Sudan. 800,000 dead; millions displaced; they don’t have enough to eat; and the majority of Americans can’t even find Sudan on the map let alone care whats happening…

  2. This stuff is near and dear to my heart as it affects my wallet in multiple ways. I think it is going to be making huge waves in the near future. A couple more Vonage outages or the like and many more people will be talking about it.

    I am deep into QoS, MPLS, ToS bits, etc for my job. I have an “in” with a couple of the leading technology manufacturers and I’m going to try and pick their brain a little more next time I get a chance.

    I’ve signed the petition.

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