Wired News: Put Better Beer in Your Belly

Nick Passmore of Forbes.com gives his opinion on the best imports and a few domestic microbrews. Wired News: Put Better Beer in Your Belly

This is a companion article to the "Coolest Beers" slide show at Forbes.com. Each slide includes a picture of the bottle, pricing for a single bottle (in New York City), and a description of each.

Personally, I thought there were far too many imports. Sure, Europe has a great tradition of brewing, but in my experience the imports do not do very well on that long Transatlantic voyage. When it comes to beer, like bread, the fresher the better. I think there are a lot of worthwhile craftbrewed beers here in the U.S. and would liked to have seen more in the list. (Granted, there are also some that aren't so great. And, of course, no one is suggesting to include mass-produced national brands from the megabrewers.)


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