Affleck in Star Trek?

No, it couldn’t be. Could it?

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Don’t get me wrong. I’ve nothing personally against Ben Affleck. I have enjoyed his work in Kevin Smith‘s films, for instance. Nor am I a rabid Trekkie (Trekker, whatever) who hangs on every piece of canon or near-canon that comes from the land of Paramount.

But Ben Affleck? In Star Trek?

I thought Scott Bakula was actually a good choice as the Captain in the short-lived Enterprise. I’d enjoyed his work in Quantum Leap where he earned his science fiction chops. But Ben Affleck? Playing, perhaps, a young Captain Kirk?

No, that’s just wrong. Forget suspension of disbelief. My disbelief would need to be tackled, bound, put in a sack, and dumped in the East River.

That said, I suppose there could be worse choices. Here’s my Top Ten list of people who should never appear in a Star Trek movie or television episode:

10. Ben Stein
9. Pamela Anderson
8. Cher
7. Gérard Depardieu
6. Sylvester Stallone
5. Pee Wee Herman
4. Adam Sandler
3. Brad Pitt
2. The Rock
1. Jessica Simpson


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3 thoughts on “Affleck in Star Trek?”

  1. Before TNG, I would have said the same thing for whoopee goldberg. Heck, who am I kidding, I still say the same thing for whoopee goldberg. My biggest question is why was whoopee goldberg ever in star trek to begin with? She played the most useless and annoyingly creepy crew member on all of enterprise. You’re right though, they pick horrible cast.

  2. I’ve never visited this site before, but this article caught my eye. Given that I’m a trekkie ;)

    Ok, so yeah. I would never have thought of Whoopee in Star Trek, and yeah, her character is a little bizarre. But not as bizarre as say, Q. She plays the role well, and it turned out nice.

    But saying they pick horrible cast is just absurd! The finest captain to grace any Starfleet vessel is still Jean-Luc (Patrick Stewart). Sure, he’s a British Shakespearian actor, but he cut his sci-fi teeth on the grandest of all; Dune.

    Affleck, well, he’s done his fair share for sci-fi. (Armageddon, PayCheck etc). But to be Kirk?

    I.. just don’t think… he has what it… takes.

    But hell, at least he doesn’t pretend he can sing! ;)

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