Barley and Hops Restaurant & Microbrewery

The family and I went to Barley and Hops yesterday. Why? Who knows? Any reason is a good reason to go a brewpub.

The verdict: Eh. 

I started with the seasonal selection, some sort of IPA. (I didn't catch the name and their site isn't up to date.) It was pretty good, with a nice hop bite. The wife started with the Tuscarora Red. She found it to be a little flat in both carbonation and flavor.

The food was very good. The wife and I shared the buffalo chicken wrap and the Southern BBQ Pork Sandwich. Both were tasty though I like my buffalo chicken a little more spicy. The girls must have liked their grilled cheese and cheeseburger respectively, as they both ate all of it. (A minor miracle, that.)

Oh, now I remember why we went there. "Kids eat Free Sunday."

The other reason is that it was a lovely day and they had outdoor dining. The girls thought it was a little chilly, but once their food came they didn't notice.

We finished with a Dirty Little Blonde. A very light lager. Almost too light, although on a hot summer day it would probably be quite refreshing. I guess I like my beers with a little more flavor.

All-in-all, the food was good but the beer didn't impress. This was actually my second trip, but the first wasn't very memorable. Our server was very friendly, but we didn't see her for a couple of long stretches. I'd finished my first beer and was ready for another, but ended up finishing my meal before we saw her again.

Will I go back? Probably. Everyone deserves a second chance, a brewpub moreso. 


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